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About me

Hi, I am Mark. Others call me Simple Mark or Simple, anyways let’s get started.

I started using a phone when I was about 4-5 years old, I didn’t know how to read or write, so I learned what each icon does. That was my earliest experience with Informatics as far as I know. Then I started to play stock games like Space Pinball (Full Tilt! Pinball) and some other games on my father’s laptop. After that I had my first own PC, it wasn’t much but It was way enoguh for me. I think I even have that pc somewhere. At that time I started getting interests in programming. I learned some basic html, but I stopped with that as when I was in that age, (probably like 8-7 or 9) I tought it was too complicated. And fast forward to today, and here I am. Making visual effects, websites, youtube videos, and learning. So this was my story about technology.


Wanna do things the old school way? Sure thing! Our support Email address is support@simplemark.eu