Betterproject Development

Betterproject is a development team for Discord bots. We have bunch of popular bots like Rulesbot and PartyChat.


Rulesbot will help your manage your rules! It will make sure that the users that join will only chat if they read rules.

Rulesbot premium

Rulesbot with more powerful features souch as verification and join logs and much more! 


Chat with users in over hundres of servers. Send emojis, pictures, gifs, get perks, and most importantly: PARTY!


Help Us With Donating

Help us with donating to our developers via paypal. You can donate just for fun, or you can pay for perks.

Premium Support

24 hrs, 7 Days a Week

We will help you with setuping our bots and we will answer any other questions.

99.9% Uptime


Our services are 99.9% of the time online. To help you prepare, we have set up a status page, where you can subscribe for scheduled maintenances.